onewhiskeymore comments on What is your most memorable “I don’t get paid enough for this” moment?

Working in a dog boarding facility. One day I go to the bathroom and as I’m peeing, it feels like little bubbles coming out, little blip, blip, blip. Then a long one… You guessed it, I had worms.
Edit: Holy crap, Gold?!!? It didn’t feel like it at the time, but it turns out it was worth it! Thank you!!
Also, for anybody wondering I think I probably got them from dogs licking my face (but it could have been lots of things), something I try to avoid, but it happens.
For the love of god, please deworm your dogs.
Edit 2: As to what kind of worms I want to say pinworm but it was a couple years ago and I don’t remember. A quick google search turned up this I scanned the page and have no idea how legitimate this site is but it was very upsetting and included things like pinworm eggs can become airborne and you can breathe them in and they will live on your toothbrush. At the bottom it mentions that they can move to the bladder, I’m thinking this is what happened to me? As to what happened next, the doctor gave me pills and I dewormed myself.

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