MtGox – Bitcoin Exchange

TOKYO – JAPAN – November 27, 2013

Dear MtGox Customers,
Thank you for your patience during an incredible year for Bitcoin and MtGox. We’ve not been able to communicate as we may have wanted, but we’ve been working tirelessly in the background and we’re looking forward to even more progress in the coming weeks, which we’ll be announcing soon.
We have four developments that we are proud to announce today:

  1. Introduction of the MtGox OTP Card
  2. Increased limit for SEPA withdrawals from Poland
  3. A modified ­trading interface
  4. Trade with no fees from Bitcoin Black Friday through Cyber Monday

1) Introducing the MtGox OTP (One-Time Password) Card:
With Bitcoin prices at record highs you can never be too careful with maintaining account security. Malicious parties can compromise your login information if you aren’t careful, but by using a one-time password (OTP) you can prevent anyone from being able to use that information to access your account.
To have secure OTP on all devices, we have now released the MtGox OTP Card, a physical one-time password solution that can be used for your MtGox account, and is shipping immediately. Used on its own, or combined with other solutions such as the MtGox Yubikey, you can rest assured that MtGox provides you with the most secure account protection in the Bitcoin world.
To find out more, click here OTP Card User Guide

2) Increased SEPA withdrawal limits
You’ve been asking for it, and now we’ve managed to negotiate with our bank in Poland to better facilitate SEPA withdrawals. In fact, they’ve doubled our limit. This is great news, and we’re trying to get more all the time to increase the speed of withdrawals.
3) Modified trading interface released
While not exactly a site overhaul, we’ve changed the MtGox experience by making the trading interface cleaner and easier to use. This includes color-coding based on trading activity, a new confirmation step before trade finalization, and a display highlighting applicable fees for the trade so you know exactly how much you’re spending per transaction.
4) Bitcoin Black Friday through Cyber Monday – Trade with Zero Fees!
To celebrate Bitcoin Black Friday and encourage adoption of Bitcoin by merchants and consumers, MtGox is cutting trading fees to 0% for four full days starting Friday morning through midnight on Cyber Monday (Tokyo Time). Since your trading is free, get out there and support merchants that accept Bitcoin!
Additional Points:
1) To increase the speed of Bitcoin transactions, we will now require all Bitcoin transfers to pay the standard 0.001 BTC network fee. The fee will be charged separately from your balance.
2) We’ve recently released the launch version of, an information site for all things Bitcoin. The site is not centered on MtGox specifically and we’ve tried to keep it as neutral as possible in order to promote Bitcoin. Please visit and share with anyone who needs an introduction to the economic future we’re building together.
Thank you again for your support,

Mt.Gox Co. Ltd Team.
Mt.Gox Contact [email protected]

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