Bitcoin blockchain issue – bitcoin deposits temporarily suspended

TOKYO - JAPAN - March 12, 2013

UPDATE 5:25pm JST. We are now resuming Bitcoin Deposits.   Early this morning, a bitcoin block too big for version 0.7 was mined by miners using version 0.8, creating a fork in the blockchain. After some deliberation in the community, it was decided that miners should downgrade their version and continue the 0.7 fork until the issue is resolved.  Also in order to avoid any possible problems we decided to temporally suspend all Bitcoin deposits on Mt.Gox until one of the blockchain wins.  Please note however, that Bitcoin deposits with Mt.Gox or those in transit are safe and that once the situation is back to normal, we will resume Bitcoin deposits and that all deposits done in the meantime will be confirmed too.  Finally we believe that this matter will be resolved within the end of the day for us in Japan.  
Mt.Gox Co. Ltd Team.
Mt.Gox Contact [email protected]

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