At current rates, a single “42” coin is worth more than $1 million dollars in Bitcoin. : CryptoCurrency

submitted 1 day ago* by Cyrax89721
The coin with a simple premise to be ultra rare and make only 42 coins available was put live on Cryptsy this morning[1] and went as far as forcing Cryptsy to have to re-write their code to support the massive up-tick in allowable Bitcoins per transaction (last I saw, one “42” coin was going for 1500 BTC, the current limit being set to 4000 BTC). Although only a fraction of a coin has been mined so far, people are apparently going nuts over the rarity to get that illusive first complete coin.
Now THIS is what makes trading cryptocurrencies fun! 🙂
More information on the coin can be found at the bitcointalk page here.[2] Subreddit here: /r/42coin[3]
I started mining the coin myself on the launch date and had to give up mining it this morning after the announcement sent the difficulty sky-high. Too much for my piddly 660 GTX. I have a feeling that thanks to the rarity, this will be one of the few coins that people will have a hard time giving away. Just in case though… 4SHsw89yUqJHed3vSzbg1XixKopmyoDqzi
Hellionator [+1] Lowest Fee BitBar Pool 1 point 1 day ago
The answer to life the universe and everything comes to mind 😛 Really though it’s just the novelty as far as I can tell.

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