BTC Guild – Bitcoin Mining Pool News for December 1st, 2013 Hacked – Change Passwords!

UPDATE: Due to the potential delays in nameserver and DNS propagation, you may still be going to an imposter! Check the SHA1 fingerprint of the SSL certificate against the good key (29:0E:CC:82:2B:3C:CE:0A:73:94:35:A0:26:15:EC:D3:EB:1F:46:6B) before entering in your login information on the Bitcointalk forums! was recently hacked and users logging in to the website between December 1 at 06:00 UTC and 20:00 UTC may have had their username and password captured in the clear by a man in the middle attack.

If you use the same username/password on any other website, including BTC Guild, change your password IMMEDIATELY (Settings Page). There have been multiple accounts confirmed as compromised as a result of this man in the middle attack stealing their login credentials.

This attack did not affect BTC Guild directly, but user accounts are vulnerable if they reuse their password or username from

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