Official statement about the maintenance fee : CEX.IO

Jeffrey told this on Nov 01 13:05
Below is the official statement about the maintenance fee:
The fee will be implemented on November 12th 2013.

The maintenance fee is estimated as $0.30 / kW*hour: 
$0.17/kW electricity cost + $0.09 data centre upkeep + $0.04 hardware repair/maintenance. 

(The power consumption of 1 GHS is 1.5W per hour)

The fee will be billed in BTC per mining share. The estimated fee is 0.000000002695 BTC/share, which makes it ~4% of total mining profit.

The fee will be adjusted according to the BTC/USD exchange rate.

About the hardware maintenance:
We will charge $0.09 for the data centre upkeep + $0.04 for hardware repair/maintenance.

Handling 600+ kW mining equipment is quite challenging. This involves MANY people working at the backend, who: 
Replace dead chips
Fix PCB issues 
Upgrade electricity links 
Improve mining software to reduce stale shares (we have stopped delivering stale shares for purchased GHS).
The maintenance fee is only applied to GHS purchased at CEX.IO. (Personal miners are not affected)
More details can be found here:

In case of any questions or issues – feel free to contact the support team, via [email protected] 

We will be glad to help. 

CEX.IO will keep you informed about all the future updates as soon as they come.
Thank you for being with us.

Best Regards,

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