A new mystery about Satoshi hidden in the Bitcoin block-chain | bitslog

Quote from the blog…

So at this point I thought about four possible reasons for the imbalance:
A. My block chain parser is completely broken. Or my PC has been hacked and someone is playing a joke on me.
B. Satoshi was mining with a hardware very different from a PC. The imbalance was due to an optimization on the hardware, such as using gray codes for counting. In fact, the missing nonce values seems roughly compatible with a kind of decimal broken gray code. But this is too extravagant to be true. And nobody would use a decimal gray code instead of a binary gray code for a binary machine. But f this is true, then it has far reaching consequences: Satoshi foresaw the advantage of FPGA/ASIC much sooner than everybody else.
C. Satoshi discovered a flaw in SHA-2 so he didn’t need to go through all 32 bit nonces, just one fourth of them. Or he just solved some equations to find the nonce which gave only those restricted solutions. This is highly improbable.
D. Satoshi  left a message fingerprinted in the nonces. A Message for us to see in a distant future.

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