doctorgecko comments on Bill and Ted vs The Doctor

The Doctor leaned back in his chair, as the piano music began to swell. It had been a rough couple of days involving Daleks, Cybermen, and the end of all life as we know it. After all that stress, he could think of no better activity than listening to a performance by the one and only Beethoven. However, as he was beginning to get into the music, there came what sounded like a crash of electricity. “What!?” he shouted.
Suddenly the door to the concert hall was flung open, and in came two boys wearing what looked like clothes from the 1980’s. They ran forward before grabbing Beethoven’s bench, and running out the room with it. “What!?”
The Doctor leapt up, giving chase to the two boys. He turned a corner in time to see them stuff Beethoven into what looked like a phone booth. The phone booth was full of people wearing the garb of various time periods. “What!?” The Doctor pulled out his sonic screwdriver, giving the phone booth a quick scan before electricity pulled it beneath the floor.
The Doctor rushed back to his Tardis, inserting the readings into the console. From there, tracking the phone both was quite a simple task, and he soon found himself in 1000000 BC, San Dimas California. He exited and the Tardis, and saw the phone booth standing a few feet away, seemingly abandoned. He snuck up to it, before pulling out his sonic screwdriver and giving it a scan. “This is 27th century technology,” he said. “Where did they get you-” His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of gun cocking behind his head.
“What the hell are you doing here?” A man asked, his gun not moving from the Doctor’s head.
“I’m sorry,” the Doctor said bewildered, “but are you Billy the Kid?”
“That I am,” Billy replied. “Hey, Bill! Ted!” He called out.
The two teenagers came running up. “What is it Billy?” Ted asked.
“This guy was snooping around the booth,” Billy answered. “Either of you know him?”
“No dude, I’ve never met him,” Bill replied. His eyes trailed towards the Tardis. “Whoa, Ted. Check out his time machine!”
“Dude, it’s just like ours!” Ted said excitedly. He turned towards the Doctor. “Are you from the future? Do you know Rufus?”
“What? No,” the Doctor replied as he fumbled with his psychic paper. “I’m from… the time police, yes that’s it. I’m here investigating disturbances in the time vortex. Someone has been taking people that are very important to history, and that could have some ghastly consequences. Now I understand what it’s like when you’re young and you have a time machine. You want to travel around, pick up your favorite historical characters. And it’s fun at first, lot’s of fun, but then you make a few mistakes and suddenly Europe is embroiled in warfare. So how about you return all of these people before he have a world war on our hands?”
“Dude, will return them as soon as they help us with our history report,” Bill said.
“History report?” the Doctor asked, a look of confusion on his face. “What were your names again?”
“I, am Bill S. Preston, Esquire!”
“And I, am Ted Theodore Logan!”
“And we’re, Wyld Stallyns!”
“I’m sorry, did you just say Wyld Stallyns?”
“Yeah dude, that’s our band!” Ted answered, “But only if we pass history class. Otherwise my dad will send me to Alaska, which is most nontriumphent.”
“I see,” the Doctor replied. “Well, sorry to bother you good luck working on your history report.”
“Well we would,” Bill said, “only our time machine is kind of broken.”
“One second,” the doctor replied. He pulled out his sonic screwdriver and pointed it at the phone booth. “Should be working now. Just a small broken antenna.”
“Excellent!” the two said in unison.
Satisfied, the doctor began to return to his Tardis. “Hey dude!” Ted shouted. “What’s your name?”
The Doctor smiled. “Call me, the Doctor.” With that he went back into the Tardis, shutting the door behind him. “I just met the Wyld Stallyns!” he said, the biggest grin on his face.

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