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Your Love interest is a type CBVE

The Big Picture!
Thanks for seeking our advice on whether or not you should consider your love interest a “keeper” and, if so, in what sense. Everyone in the dating game has, at one point or another, had nagging questions about whether a certain person is worth their time and energy. The answer depends on what you want and need from the person at that particular time in your life (let’s not forget, when it comes to love, timing is everything). Even the most “ideal” person needs some serious scrutinizing in making sure you’re on the right track for you and your future.

Yet even when you’re smart enough to take a “time out” for relationship awareness or reassessment, it can be difficult to look at a situation objectively. Having a clear perception, one free of judgment, often requires a third party, which is why we’re here. Love is blind and even someone who is seemingly perfect may not be quite right in the long-run. On the other hand, someone who is barely making a blip on your radar may turn out to be “the one.” That’s why Plenty of Fish invented this Keeper Assessment tool. Think of it as that “best friend” who’ll take you aside, weigh the pros and cons, and tell it to you like it is.
The questions you just answered describe your love interest at this point in time on a few important variables:

Connected-Aloof refers to the degree to which your love interest appears to strongly bond with others [C] versus being more detached or solitary [A].

Buoyant-Temperamental refers to the degree to which your love interest appears to be cheerful and agreeable [B] versus more self-absorbed or moody [T].
Virtuous-Indifferent refers to the degree to which your love interest appears to have strong respect for and interest in others [V] versus being more ambivalent or apathetic [I].
Expressive-Guarded refers to the degree to which your love interest appears to be open and communicative [E] versus more reserved or private [G].
Note: This is not another Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test or a measure of compatibility. While the Myers-Briggs instrument has been popular in assessing one’s personality type, helping us to understand and appreciate individual differences, this keeper assessment does something different. Our results highlight the best type of person for you at this time in your life, helping you to better understand and estimate a (potential) love affair.
Based on your evaluations, this report classifies your love interest as one of sixteen (16) possible combinations or “types.” Each person’s profile was mined from data collected from over 15,000 people worldwide! It is important to realize that no traits are all good or all bad. What we find desirable is relative – highly dependent upon our own values, attitudes and judgments. Some traits will be highly desirable in certain situations or times in our lives or very undesirable in others. Some types are more suited for casual liaisons, whereas some are better for committed relationships. Certain categories will have traits that are more or less desirable to you – ones that will make or break your future potential – depending upon your needs. And this may change over time.
So as you thoughtfully consider the candid feedback that follows, be honest with yourself and the one with whom you may be willing to roll the dice. The data and suggestions are designed to help you know for sure whether your love interest is a “keeper.” More than anything, remember that the final assessment of your “type” is in your hands. We’re just here to help you make the best call.
Note: This assessment is not an evaluation of someone’s mental health!
Your love interest is presently characterized as Connected, Buoyant, Virtuous and Expressive [CBVE]. If you’re looking for someone with exceptional potential for a committed relationship, then your love interest definitely promises to be a keeper. This person possesses many of the traits that lend themselves to a successful relationship, making this type the most ideal in many ways. If you’re looking for something more casual at the moment, however, we suggest that you keep looking.

*Please note that your love interest’s profile is only as accurate as the responses provided. Scores do not determine long-term compatibility as well.

Important Details

Connected [C]: She seems to be “in sync” with you, enjoys your company and appreciates your influence. This is someone with whom you can share an exciting and fulfilling social life and love life. She appears very devoted and loyal – someone who would value a committed relationship above all else. She’s also likely to make sacrifices in pleasing and being with the one she loves.
Buoyant [B]: She seems to have a great capacity for vitality and optimism. This is someone who looks to be centered in life, as opposed to seeking a relationship out of desperation. She’s also unlikely to drive you crazy with negative thinking or a self-absorbed attitude and sense of entitlement. Her positive outlook and giving (even humble or selfless) nature can be a very healthy influence and will help “build you up” rather than “wear you down.”
Virtuous [V]: She seems to share your basic values on many important life issues. You’ll likely feel good about yourself when you’re around her because she seems to show a great deal of respect for herself and others. For herself, it appears that she’s concerned with healthy living. Regarding others, it seems that she exhibits a strong consistency between word and deed. There’s also a hint of good “emotional intelligence” – she considers how her behavior affects others. These traits will enable you to imagine taking her home to meet your family and possibly settling down with her.
Expressive [E]: She seems extremely expressive about thoughts and feelings. You can anticipate that she’ll be open and candid with you and that she’ll want that level of communication reciprocated from you. This works to your benefit since talking is one of the best ways to initiate and sustain romance and passion. Also, this is someone who’ll not hesitate to shower you with physical affection, voice appreciation for what you do for her, and convey genuine respect for your points of view.

Break up feedback (men)

While this person seems really promising, our dating experts warn you not to “coast” in this relationship from this point on. Whether your interest in her is casual or serious be aware that men often breakup for reasons related to unmet expectations with a love interest’s behavior and personality, feeling that decision-making in the relationship is one-sided and not feeling respected. Therefore, as the relationship progresses it’s crucial to explore how well her personality, idiosyncrasies and expresses of respect mesh with your expectations. This will really matter down the road.

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