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The ISSUES that lead to misunderstanding and conflict

  • Accomplishment really boils down to social and economic stability — we’re talking about issues like a partner’s profession, level of success and noteworthy achievement, being socially revered and having a respectable lifestyle.
  • Physical Chemistry really boils down to raw physical and sexual attraction — we’re talking about issues like a partner’s physical appearance, attitudes toward sex and sensual style.
  • Drive really boils down to mental and physical wellness — we’re talking about issues like a partner’s physical fitness, zest for life, energy level and openness to new opportunities.
What you “say” you want
Your scores on the “Lost in Translation Test” suggest that you want a woman who’s “highly accomplished and driven as well as strongly values outward physical chemistry.”
What you “really” want
According to relationship experts, what you seem to be looking for is a “vixen.” A vixen is well-poised to meet the hidden or unspoken needs you might actually be trying to fill in a search for a relationship. A vixen is…
  • Someone who takes pride in her health, fitness and appearance, and who’ll make you feel sexier and more attractive in just being seen together.
  • Someone who doesn’t want or need to rely on you for economic security but rather comes to the relationship with existing resources.
  • Someone whose enthusiasm is infectious and keeps you motivated and feeling young and energetic.
  • Someone who’s grounded with a strong sense of identity, purpose and independence, and who can give you support and space so you can focus on your personal interests and goals.
  • Someone who garners respect and makes a good impression on others, which in turn reflects well on you.
  • Someone who understands the busy or chaotic lifestyle and priorities of a career-oriented person like yourself.
  • Someone who’s the envy of others and who’ll garner approval from your friends and family.
  • Someone who uses her physical and sexual assets to the fullest for your enjoyment, and who can give you attractive and healthy children.
Go Fishing!
To increase your odds of finding a vixen, look or listen for these key words or themes when you search profiles or talk to romantic prospects: expressive, spontaneous, family-oriented, savvy, polished, experimental, mischievous, gregarious, attentive, wellness-oriented, energetic, stimulating, balanced, curious, aspiring, passionate, lustful, possessive, financially secure, self-reliant, grounded, organized and professional.

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