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Extra Descent: Champions races for the Weekend (and other news)

Community Announcements – Chris

We’ve added four more Descent: Champions races to the schedule for this weekend. Over the weekend we’ll be working on a video showcasing some new content for next week’s 1.0.2 update.

The extra races are marked on the race schedule as “BDC” (bonus Descent: Champions).

Our customer support department is now more than 50% larger than it was last week. The email backlog has been reduced from 1700 to 1100 mails and they expect it’ll be caught up by Tuesday. Thanks very much for your patience!

The current deployment target for the 1.0.2 content update is Thursday, NZ time (one day after the previously predicted date). We want to make sure that the end-game Map changes and new Storm Call skill have sufficient testing before they are released.

Descent: Champions Information

Community Announcements – Chris

This weekend, the first Descent: Champions race events occur. We’ve posted an article explaining the events in more detail with a lot of previously unannounced information.

Nov 19, 2013
More Europe Races, 1.0.1c Patch Notes, Upcoming Descent: Champions Article and a French Fansite

Community Announcements – Chris

In response to feedback, we’re updating Race Season Five with thirteen more races at European prime evening time. This change will be made within a few hours and will appear on the race schedule when done. We’re also deploying 1.0.1c (patch notes here) within an hour.

Tomorrow we’ll be posting an article about Descent: Champions that covers its design and features.

The awesome people who run the French PoE fansite www.path-of-exile.fr have asked for their site to be mentioned in the news. They mention they have ten people working on translating the news, game guides and builds to French. They also have French PoE streams. If you’re interested, check them out!

Nov 18, 2013
Descent: Champions Starter Uniques

Community Announcements – Chris

We’re running our first Descent: Champions race events this coming weekend. One of the special features of this race type is that you get to pick two Unique items at the start. Because items never leave the Descent leagues, it’s possible for us to give out some relatively powerful starting Uniques.

After receiving some general provisions (skill gems and items that vary by class), you are presented with two chests of Uniques. The chests have the same contents for all classes, and you’re allowed to choose one Unique from each chest. The items are as follows:

Chest 1:

Fragment of Eternity, Glass Shard

Splinter of the Moon, Driftwood Wand

Vestige of Destiny, Gnarled Branch

Thunder of the Dawn, Corroded Blade

Relic of the Cycle, Crude Bow

Rust of Winter, Rusted Hatchet

Ashes of the Sun, Driftwood Club

Chest 2:

Fragment of Eternity, Glass Shard

Remnant of Empire, Splintered Tower Shield

Chains of Time, Rustic Sash

Rust of Winter, Rusted Hatchet

Tear of Entropy, Iron Hat

Note that, as usual, the balance of these may change before the events start to run. Because Descent: Champions isn’t the Signature race of this season, we’re able to iterate on its balance as the season progresses.

Nov 17, 2013
Miscellaneous News Roundup

Community Announcements – Chris

Work on the 1.0.2 patch is progressing well. We’re still on track for deployment mid-next week. We’re expecting at least one more patch to 1.0.1 this week, which will introduce the “Exit to Character Selection” functionality, among other changes.

Our customer support department still has a gigantic email backlog. Last time I checked it was at 1700 emails! We’re trying hard to hire additional support staff to get caught up and resume the fast response times that people appreciated in Beta. I believe there are up to seven more support staff starting in the next week or so. Sorry about the delays and thanks for your patience!

Remember to submit appropriate builds for S02E03 to the Build of the Week Submission thread. We’re going to be picking one in the next day or two.

Garena launched the Closed Beta of Path of Exile in Malaysia and Singapore last week. It’s going really well! For more information about this partnership, check out this news post.

Race Season Five started over the weekend. We were blown away by the participation numbers – it’s crazy to see eight to ten thousand characters enter an event! We’re really looking forward to seeing your thoughts on Descent: Champions when it starts this coming weekend. For a beginner’s guide to racing, check out this article.

Nov 14, 2013
The Plan for Content Update 1.0.2

Community Announcements – Chris

We’re currently in full production mode for 1.0.2, which is due to be released on November 26, US time. This news post covers a broad overview of the planned content for this patch.

We’re expecting 1.0.2 will contain:

The final touches on the rapid-fire PvP Tournaments for PvP Season One. We’ll post more in the news about this in the near future.

Another new active skill. We’re trying to design it to be a good primary skill (like Spectral Throw was) rather than a secondary skill like Searing Bond or Arctic Armour.

Several new Unique items (probably 4-5).

Some more new vendor recipes.

More achievements.

Several new microtransactions. There are interesting new ones in the works.

A revamp of end-game Map sizes and mods. We’ll probably post more about this in the news next week. One of our goals is to make the Maps larger.

The Damage over Time update (described here) is likely to be ready for 1.0.2 but we’re not making promises on this one yet. It’s a very dangerous change and we want to make sure it’s fully tested.

A fix to the problem that occurs when you get too many effects on the same entity. You’ll know what I mean if you were ever on fire while using Blood Rage.

The ability to exit to the character selection screen rather than the main menu. This may be patched in earlier than 1.0.2.

There’s plenty more that will be in the patch of course (THESE ARE NOT PATCH NOTES). We’ll let you know next week as we get closer to finishing it!

Was the video we made about the 1.0.1 patch useful? It takes considerable time to make videos like that but if people like them then we’ll keep doing them.

Nov 13, 2013
A Beginner’s Guide to Racing

Community Announcements – Chris

Path of Exile’s Race Season Five starts this weekend! Many players have been asking for more information on what Races are, how to sign up for them, what their rewards are and how to play them. One of our founders, Brian Weissman, has written a guest article for today’s news explaining these concepts for new players. Existing racers may not learn anything new, but it’s worth checking out if you’re interested in trying out some racing! Click here to read the article.

Nov 12, 2013
1.0.1 Patch Notes

Community Announcements – Chris

Content Update 1.0.1 will be deployed tomorrow (during the NZ workday).

The patch notes are too large to fit in this announcement, so I’ve posted them here on our forum.

Nov 10, 2013
Content Update 1.0.1 Video Preview

Community Announcements – Chris

We’ve released a video showing some of the new content in this week’s patch 1.0.1. This is the first of seven biweekly content patches between now and the first expansion in early March 2014. We’re expecting to post full patch notes tomorrow. The patch will be deployed on Wednesday (NZ time).

Nov 9, 2013
Premium Stash Tab Bundles are on Sale!

Community Announcements – Chris

Today’s daily deal is a discount on Premium Stash Tab Bundles. The bundle of six Premium Stash Tabs is discounted down to 165 points (35 points under the regular bundle price). To buy some, just press M in game to load the in-game shop (they’re under Daily Deal). Thanks so much for your generous support of Path of Exile. Without you guys, none of this would be possible!

I spent today finishing up Build of the Week Season 2 Episode 2 and working on a video about the upcoming 1.0.1 patch. I’m looking forward to sharing both of them with you early this week!

Nov 7, 2013
Some 1.0.1 Microtransaction Previews

Community Announcements – Chris

Next week’s 1.0.1 patch introduces three new microtransaction effects. We’ve uploaded videos of Force Field Discipline Aura Effect and the Scion Dance Animation for you to check out. The third microtransaction effect is Golden Spectral Throw (check out a screenshot here).

Next week we’ll be deploying 1.0.1 and we’ll hopefully have two new videos for you.

We just finished some quick serverside maintenance that should improve stability even further for the weekend. Have a great time in Wraeclast!

Nov 6, 2013
Pre-Season Races and 1.0.0g Patch Notes

Community Announcements – Chris

In preparation for Race Season Five (which starts on around November 16), we’re running a set of 12 race events this weekend. These are a great opportunity for new members of our community to try out Path of Exile Racing before the actual competitive season starts. In this news post I briefly explain how races work for new players!

A Race in Path of Exile is a fresh league that lasts for a few hours where players try to get to the highest possible level. Races test both playskill (being able to kill monsters efficiently and not die) and knowledge of the game (where to level up best, what vendor recipes are most time efficient, etc).

Race events are generally hardcore (when you die, you’re eliminated) but you can enter multiple times by just creating another character in the race).

In many races (not Descent, not Endless Ledge), your character is retained after the race including all its items.

To enter a Race, use the button underneath your character list after you log in. They’re advertised half an hour beforehand, so just join before the start time. Initially players are unable to move until the race starts. At the end of the race, everyone freezes, but monsters will finish their current attack so be careful.

Each race has a ladder in the Events forum.

The calendar of races is here. Upcoming ones are also listed on the main pathofexile.com news page and the character screen in-game. We’re going to try to get them scheduled as Steam events.

The easiest way to find out what races are about is just to play them. If you have any other questions, just ask! Community members are generally happy to help out.

Edit: More formal rules for competitive race events are here.

We have also deployed Patch 1.0.0g:
Version 1.0.0g

Kaom’s Heart and Shavronne’s Wrappings can now drop outside of maps.

The Orb of Chance can now generate Uniques that are higher than the itemlevel of the base type you’re trying to roll.

Fixed a bug introduced in 1.0.0f where some flask effects would not work.


Nov 6, 2013
Steam Payments are working again!

Community Announcements – Chris

If you tried a payment in the last 12 hours and it failed, we’re really sorry! It’ll work again now. Thanks for the support and sorry about the inconvenience.

Nov 5, 2013
1.0.0f Patch and Data about League Distributions and Map-only Uniques

Community Announcements – Chris

Version 1.0.0f

Added a 250ms cooldown to Cast on Damage Taken. There are more changes to this support gem coming in 1.0.1.

Fixed an extremely rare bug where too many unique items could drop from a monster outside of the Albino Rhoa Event.

The limit of guild membership is now 250 (up from 200).

Guild Stash Tabs now have all permissions turned on for everyone in the guild by default. If the leader wants to restrict them, this can be done by right clicking on the tab. Previously they were fully restricted by default.

Fixed the One of a Kind achievement not counting some item slots correctly.

Fixed an issue with the Blood of Karui unique item and interactions with other life recovery stats.

Fixed a crash which sometimes occurred when logging out after talking to an NPC.

Fixed an instance crash with Spectral Throw.

Fixed some issues with the Headhunter unique item and kill assignment.

We’ll be deploying 1.0.0f later on this evening. It also includes a couple of new discounted microtransaction bundles that we’ll be running until 1.0.1 comes out next week. These aren’t new supporter packs, just bundles of existing microtransactions at discounted prices (check the in-game store once 1.0.0f has been deployed).

Here’s some data on how players are distributed between the leagues. We’re pleased to see high engagement with the new challenge leagues and are pleased that Nemesis is performing better than any of our other hardcore leagues ever have:

Domination: 51.3%

Nemesis: 20.5%

Standard: 25.6%

Hardcore: 2.6%

Also, while we’re dumping data on you, this was a popular request. Here is a table of the itemlevels required to spawn (either via drop or via Orb of Chance) the Map-only unique items:

Kaom’s Heart: 78

Shavronne’s Wrappings: 78

Voltaxic Rift: 78

Void Battery: 77

Thunderfist: 76

Mon’tregul’s Grasp: 75

Rathpith Globe: 74

Devoto’s Devotion: 74

Lioneye’s Remorse: 73

Ming’s Heart: 73

Auxium: 72

Andvarius: 71

Lioneye’s Glare: 71

Divinarius: 71


Oct 30, 2013
One week of release and 1.0.1 Support Gem teaser screenshot

Community Announcements – Chris

Path of Exile has now been released for a week. We were blown away by the response to the game and the positive feedback from our community. A lot of our effort this week has gone into keeping the servers performing well, as there are are an average of over 280,000 daily users (with peak concurrency of 66k online at once during the weekend and around 55k at peak each weekday). We’re bracing ourselves for a very busy weekend!

Here’s a teaser screenshot for the 1.0.1 Support Gem Enhance. Players who are familiar with Empower should understand roughly how it works 🙂

Several members of our team have been working on a selection of Unique items that are available for you to choose from at the start of the new Race Season Five non-signature race event currently codenamed “Descent 2”. To learn more about how the previous Descent events worked, read this!

Oct 28, 2013
Today’s Updates and some Media Coverage

Community Announcements – Chris

Today we deployed a serverside-only patch that addresses some realm stability issues. We’re still working on more improvements to better handle the sheer volume of new players. It’s substantially more stable than the first week of Open Beta was!

We also deployed a tiny experimental hotfix to the Dominus fight. Many players were disconnecting when entering the area or killing Dominus. I’m very interested to see if you encounter this problem now that we’ve deployed our fix. Please leave a comment here if you had that problem and have feedback about whether it’s better now for you.

We’re working on a 1.0.0e patch that contains quite a few more fixes. I am expecting it to be ready roughly tomorrow. 1.0.1 is well underway and contains new Unique items, a new Support Gem, microtransaction effects, at least one new achievement and features required for Race Season Five and PvP Tournament Season One. At this stage it is a couple of weeks away from being tested and deployed. We’re expecting Race Season Five (and the PvP Season) to start on roughly November 16, so it should be deployed at least several days before then.

GameSpot released an Ask GameSpot video about Path of Exile. Erick Tay from GameSpot is a massive PoE fan and a member of our community. He’s probably reading this news post 🙂

I was on a livestream with Massively earlier today. The sound quality of my skype connection makes it literally impossible to hear what I’m saying, but it gets a little better towards the second half. It’s mostly aimed towards new users but I’m posting it here in case you’re super keen.

Oct 27, 2013
Today’s Patch, Launch Party Photos, TV Interview and more!

Community Announcements – Chris

We’ve deployed patch 1.0.0d. There will be frequent additional updates (with bug fixes for other reported issues) before the 1.0.1 content patch that is hopefully around two weeks away or less. We held our launch party at Jonathan’s house on the weekend. Some photos are here.

Our local New Zealand TV news channel put together a segment on gaming (because there was an expo on) and they interviewed us briefly at our offices. Jonathan is answering questions in the interview, and some of the other developers are briefly shown pretending to work.

We’ll be picking a build for Build of the Week Season 2 Episode 2 tomorrow, so submit one fast if you have an appropriate one for the theme!

Our customer support department have an email backlog of epic proportions. They’re quickly scaling up their team and drinking caffeine to be able to get through the mails, but please be aware there may be delay of up to a couple of days before they’re able to answer you. Everyone will be answered – if you’re waiting for a reply then mailing them to remind them will just make it slower 🙂

A lot of people have asked me to link this awesome ZiggyD video in the news. It’s a great guide and you should definitely check it out.

Oct 27, 2013
Path of Exile 1.0.0d Patch Notes

Community Announcements – Chris

Version 1.0.0d

Fixed a bug where auras would need to be recast when changing areas to gain the bonuses of passive skills that affect them.

Killing a Berserker Nemesis monster now completes the challenge item correctly.

Fixed some passive skill tree connectivity near the Falcon Claws group.

Fixed a bug where monster deaths from Puncture were not awarded as kills correctly.

Fixed a bug where the “Achievement Complete” text would sometimes persist in a faded state.

Fixed a bug where Rejuvenation Totem didn’t benefit from passive skills that improved its effect.

Monster packs around shrines are now not spawned if they are too close to an area entrance or waypoint.

Fixed a crash related to Raise Spectre.


Oct 26, 2013
Stash Tabs are on Sale! J!NX launches its Path of Exile shirts

Community Announcements – Chris

We’re running a 24 hour discount on Stash Tabs. To buy some, just press M in-game to load the microtransaction store. Also, J!NX has launched its range of Path of Exile “Vintage logo” shirts. I’ve ordered mine already! Thanks again for your support.

I’m posting this from the Path of Exile launch party, so please forgive the brevity. I need to get back to the party now – will take photos for the next news post!

Oct 24, 2013
Halloween Microtransactions, Build of the Week Submissions and Upcoming Patches

Community Announcements – Chris

As you may have seen in the in-game store, we’ve launched our Halloween Microtransactions this week. They’re not available after November 1, so make sure to pick some up if you’re interested! We’ve also opened up submissions forBuild of the Week Season 2 Episode 2. Please submit your builds if you create any that are appropriate (and remember to check out the last episode here). We’re expecting to deploy patch 1.0.0d on Monday, NZ time (which fixes the aura bug as well as other issues). The team is also hard at work on the 1.0.1 content patch that is due in a couple of weeks. We’ll go into more detail on this patch next week.

We’re having a small developer-only launch party tomorrow evening so that we can thank the team for an amazing commitment during the last few months. I’ll try to get some photos 🙂

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