What will be considered ridiculous or barbaric in 100 years that is considered acceptable today? : AskReddit

  • The way we give mammograms.
  • Computers with moving parts.
  • Probably chemo and radiation therapy. I’m not saying it’s bad that we use it; it’s the best option we have right now, but in the future when better options are (hopefully) found, it will probably be seen as pretty barbaric. Sort of like how we see battlefield amputations from the civil war, that shit was barbaric, but often it was simply something that had to be done.
  • Hopefully waxing and shaving.
  • Paying for internet.
  • How much trash we generate. Seriously, it’s so freaking ridiculous and disgusting. There has to be a better way found in the next 100 years to recycle and dispose of trash rather than just putting it in a big hole in the earth or shipping it out to sea. Then one day they’ll look back and say “god people back then were so gross and wasteful”.
  • Dentistry. 

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