’s Allegedly Fraudulent, Unethical and Illegal Activity – Bitcoin Magazine

Bad, bad BetCoin..’s Allegedly Fraudulent, Unethical and Illegal Activity

On the whole, the global Bitcoin space is a self-policing community that uproots and exposes scams and unethical Bitcoin service operators with ruthless efficiency. Unfortunately, there is a growing body of objective evidence that Bitcoin gaming network is one such unethical operator in the Bitcoin ecosystem. According to a number of sources, the relatively new Bitcoin gaming platform has allegedly been involved in a range of ongoing fraudulent, unethical and illegal activities in an attempt to carve out market share and bring down the websites of their competitors. This includes copyright infringement in relation to the BetCoin Trademark, increasing evidence for BetCoin DDoSing the websites of their competitors, copying the SatoshiDice website UI and terms and conditions word-for-word, using automated scripts to artificially inflate the volume of bets on the Bitcoin dice site, and falsely representing the private keys used on their dice gaming site…..

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