Bootstrapping A Decentralized Autonomous Corporation: Part I – Bitcoin Magazine

…The beauty of secure multiparty computation is that it extends beyond just Bitcoin; it can just as easily be used to run the artificial intelligence algorithm that the corporation relies on to operate. So-called “machine learning”, the common name for a set of algorithms that detect patterns in real-world data and allow computers to model it without human intervention and are employed heavily in fields like spam filters and self-driving cars, is also “just algebra”, and can be implemented in secure multiparty computation as well. Really, any computation can, if that computation is broken down into a circuit on the input’s individual bits. There is naturally some limit to the complexity that is possible; converting complex algorithms into circuits often introduces additional complexity, and, as described above, Shamir’s Secret Sharing can get expensive all by itself. Thus, it should only really be used to implement the “core” of the algorithm; more complex high-level thinking tasks are best resolved by outside contractors…

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