staplesalad comments on What is the most unprofessional thing you’ve done at work?

It’s kinda fun for like a day. After a week you get kind of nervous, like they don’t give you enough work because you’re going to get cut.
Then you realize that window has passed. Then it’s a little exiting. But then it’s boring. Then it’s more boring. Then you discover that there actually is an end to the SFW internet, that you’ve become frustrated with your preferred news blogs, and sit there refreshing Reddit hoping that someone equally bored will post something funny.
After a couple months of that you start to feel worthless when you realize you don’t do much of value at work. Then you start questioning your hobbies and life choices. Then you wonder if you’re ever going to do something productive with your life.
An amazing day does come though, when you decide that this extra time at work can be put to use doing something valuable. So you ask your boss for more work. That doesn’t pan out as well as you’d planned so you decide to learn and improve skills, but by that point Reddit has sucked you in and you can’t escape.

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