Coinchat Moobot Mass Tip Tutorial

==================Moobot Mass Tip Tutorial==================

Moobot massstip is a tool for tipping a bunch of people with
simple command. Also make people in the room become active in
no time! To prevent mistipping or doing other stupid stuff
which would ends up making you taxed a bunch more, here are
some guidelines for masstipping.
1. The basic command is /tip moobot [coins] masstip [people]
[whitelist] [variation] [room]
2. You can omit variables
3. Only works in room that moobot is in, !moo before you tip
4. Variation mode will have 1% house advantage to prevent
moobot goes broke when there is a big variation tip and we
are in a bad luck (eg: variation 20% will have minimum of
79.8% of tip or maximum of 120% of tip)
1. /tip moobot 10 masstip
Result 1. tip out 0.25 to 32 people, and 1.28 taxed

2. /tip moobot 10 masstip 3
Result 2. tip out 2.73 to 3 people, and 1.31 taxed

3. /tip moobot 10 masstip 3 1
Result 3. tip out 2.73 to 3 people, and 1.31 taxed, and only
whitelisted user would be tipped

4. /tip moobot 10 masstip 5 0 20
Result 4. Tip out randomly ranges from 1.31 to 1.96 coin to 5
people and 1.31 taxed

5. /tip moobot 10 masstip 5 0 0 main
Result 5. Tip out 1.64 to 5 people who is last chatting in
main, including unwhiltelisted person
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> TEST <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

If you would like to test out the outcome of the tip, please
use the following code:
! [coins] masstip [people] [whitelist] [variation%] [where]
! 15 masstip 5 0 20 main

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IMPORTANT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You should make sure your tipping get through with some
calculations. Equation as the following.
[tipamt]/[people]*82% should be larger than 0.25

If variation is used, you should use this:

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