MyFaucet – PHP Bitcoin Faucet Script

Now this would be cool to try.. /me dusts off php books.

MyFaucet – PHP Bitcoin Faucet Script 

A lot of people seem to want to run their own faucet. So here’s a PHP faucet script, powered by!

Features: powered – no bitcoind required
RECAPTCHA Captcha to prevent botting
IP and email limits, all faucet dispenses logged
Completely automated – don’t get carpal tunnel syndrome
Built in advertisement rotation – text, banner and square
Randomized prizes – choose your drops
Cash out – instant payouts via Inputs
Referral program – build your faucet virally
100% configurable – claim times, rewards, cashout periods, referral %, etc.


[- faucet.php on line 93
echo "

Successful cashout to $email - enjoy!


echo "

Successful cashout to "+htmlentites($email)+" - enjoy!


I am not the owner of this script, but I can help provide help to the best of my ability Smile

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.zip (Size: 10.43 KB / Downloads: 2)

BTC Address: 1CoinBaKLgDsBkaLWw2eK7kit41JBmM34L

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