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My responses to the ‘The 10 commandments of blogging

1. Thou shalt write every day.
I disagree. Quality over quantity. (Sometimes I have been known to employ neither lol)

But, writing more often does make it easier to write..

2. Thou shalt publish once a week.

I almost always publish right after I write.

3. Thou shalt build an email list.
I do not like green spam and eggs.

4. Thou shalt track everything.
Should be, “Google shalt track everything”. I love Google.. I hope they never bite anyone.

5. Thou shalt sell something.

6. Thou shalt use social media wisely.
Thou shalt not annoy/spam real life friends.

7. Thou shalt look great.
Why, thank you!

8. Thou shalt ask for action.
Agreed. What do you think? Let me know with a the comment.

9. Thou shalt love SEO.
Mixed feelings. Tweaking for seo can feel like cheating. Go with honesty and karma won’t bite you.

10. Thou shalt remember your blog is only a marketing tool.

Not quite. I share to share and to earn a little money doing so.

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