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AllGov : 10 Most Popular Unanswered Petitions to the White House

AllGov – News – 10 Most Popular Unanswered Petitions to the White House:

  1. Crackdown on puppy mills (30,920) – [I didn’t even realize these existed. Although I can see a niche developing for it because some are greedy and have no compassion.]
  2. Abolish the TSA (29,717) – [I Agree 100%. Can we get a HELL YAH!! Treating every person as a criminal is a breeding ground for abuse.]
  3. Allow growth of industrial hemp (21,978) – [Not sure where to draw the line on this one. Smoking: NO; Medicinal: yes; Industrial ?? Like making clothes & rope?? Mebbe.]
  4. End “war on drugs” (20,685) – [The “war on drugs”, One of the many stupid distractions the government has created to criminalize anything they want and spend more money.]
  5. Dissolve the Electoral College (18,600) – [Agreed. Wait, what? You mean presidents aren’t elected by a popular vote?! Someone tell the People!! /lol @ !democracy ]
  6. Re-establish separation between investment and commercial banks (17,451) – [ #crapstillstinks.]
  7. Restore democracy by ending corporate personhood (16,837) – [ Agreed, we need this even more than the uninstallTSA program.]
  8. Repeal the Patriot Act (15,694) – [Pure evil. Hey, let’s ignore the Constitution! ]
  9. Protect children from air pollution (13,886) – [Air pollution? What’s that? Loud smelly politicians? Or their ‘ideas’?]

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