RealNetworks Sues Dutch Webmaster Over Hyperlink To Freeware

My commentary on a portion of a Slashdot comment: “

If you link to a web page that contains illegal content, you are abetting in a crime.

No. No. No. And hell NO.
If YOU drive to my house and ask me where the next crack house is, and YOU drive there then my question is: How in hell am I responsible for anything going on at that location or your actions?
Answer: I am not. I am not responsible for YOU. I’m not committing any crime. I’m not abetting in a crime.

Look, I honestly¬†don’t know if you are a drug agent looking for more information. Or a crackhead looking for a hit. Don’t know.. don’t care.. much..

I don’t know if you are some person’s parent looking to save their kid from something awful.

All I am doing is being a good Samaritan, doing my best to provide help.


Back to the Internets. My belief is any link should be able to link anywhere. If I can type it, guess it, create it, or even faceroll it.. basically if my computer can access your link from the public-side of the internet, then I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR CONTENT.

Realnetworks, if that is your real name, you need to stop being asshats and scrap your failed business model. Leave us Alone.


Author: Protiguous

C# Software Developer, Father, and seeker of Truth.

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