Boolean Healer Pawn Scales for World of Warcraft

[Edit: these were for the 3.3 patch of Warcraft. For my cataclysm pawn scales go here.]

Do you Agonize over which piece of gear to equip? Let the Pawn addon decide for you!

Building on the idea that Blizzard has already optimized the gear itself for the item level, these pawn scales will let you use the optimal gear for the job.

( Pawn: v1: "Healer": Intellect=1, CritRating=1, HasteRating=1, SpellPower=1, Mp5=1, Spirit=1 )

If you are healing and not dpsing, then just remove the HitRating.

And for those of you soloing, we add in some stamina:

( Pawn: v1: "Healer (Solo)": Intellect=1, HitRating=1, CritRating=1, Mp5=1, HasteRating=1, SpellPower=1, Spirit=1, Stamina=1 )

Btw, HOOM stands for “Healing until Out Of Mana”.

For testing, I use the DrDamage addon to guesstimate total healing done until out of mana.

On my 72 Discipline Priest, using a wide variety of gear (50 pieces total, with good gear from Spirit, Spirit+Int, Int, MP5, and SpellPower) to fill the 17 slots on my character gave these results for Flash of Light (Rank 9)..

With the highest Item Level gear (gearscore of 1732): 807 Healing, 14.61 crit, 36 haste, 257/148 mana regen.
DrDamage estimates 83k HOOM.

With just +Healing gear: 972 Healing, 14.28 crit, 36 haste, 182/98 mana regen.
DrDamage estimates 71k HOOM.

With just MP5 gear: 525 Healing, 9.76 crit, 15 haste, 431/255 mana regen.
DrDamage estimates 62k HOOM.

And now, with my special pawn scale!

Healer: 874 Healing, 16.55 crit, 36 haste, 285/157 mana regen.
DrDamage estimates 87k HOOM.

A whopping estimated 16k more healing! With decent mana regen too! Of course, as with all situations (different tanks, different instances), it depends if you will need stronger healing, or longer-lasting healing. But this setup should scale as you level as long as you keep upgrading your gear.

If you see similar results, please let me know..

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