abortion human rights

Abortion is Murder.

Abortion is murder. There is no question about it.

Let’s define murder. To kill intentionally and with premeditation.
The premeditated killing of a human being by another human being. To slay. To dispatch. To Stop. Bump offDiscontinue. Got it?
Are we both in agreement about the definition of murder?
Good. Glad we agree.

Now let’s define abortion. The termination of pregnancy.
Not sure what termination means in this context?
To bring to an end. The end of something. To abort. To stop.
Got it?

So what is abortion? We all know what the act itself is.
To kill a baby. An innocent baby.
A human life that you started.
By whatever means, planned or unplanned, You had some role in its creation.

Even if that act was instigated by an evil act/person. Yes.. sad, but true. Every choice in your life led up to that moment of conception. Whether you walked through the park, or drank too much at the party, or whatever. If you had made another choice, chosen another option (decided to NOT have SEX), you would have been somewhere else and not gotten pregnant. (Btw, I believe rape is one of the most heinous & wicked crimes one can commit.)

BUT, that evil act does not make the baby bad, or disgusting, or a bastard, or any other vile word you can think of. The baby, that human, is innocent. Why would you punish that little bundle of life, of joy, for something two other humans did? It has committed no crimes, harmed no one. All that it knows is that life -until now- has been good.

You might try to rationalize that abortion is okay because the baby isn’t born yet. Well, what the freak difference does it make if the baby is inside Momma or outside? Just because Momma is removed from around the baby, the baby doesn’t suddenly become self sufficient! The child is totally helpless inside momma or outside momma.

Wait.. you like picking on little helpless kids? Bully.

Kinda arbitrary to declare this person has a right to live or die because they changed housing, don’t you think?

You might to to rationalize that abortion is okay because the baby isn’t alive yet. Uh.. WHAT?? Sure seems alive to me. Growing, moving, reacting, laughing, and THINKING.
Oh, “babies don’t think yet” you say..

Is your compassion for someone limited to an estimation of their intelligence? Btw, babies do think. Try talking to your child. Yes, now. Look into it’s eyes.
That is, if you don’t murder it first.

You might to to rationalize that abortion is okay because ‘the mother wasn’t planning it’.. or it’ll be ‘tough on the mother’.. or ‘the world is too tough/horrible/bad/evil’.. or that ‘she’s not ready to be a mother‘.. or that ‘she had other plans‘.. or that ‘its her body‘.. In the words of Penn & Teller, “BULLSHIT!“.
Hardly a human on this earth is prepared to take care of another new life at first!

And if you’re arguing that the right of ‘its her body’.. doesn’t that logic also apply to the baby also? It has its own body. You can’t apply one level of sanity to yourself then deny another life that very same right.

But all tend to manage. We live, we love, we survive.

Please don’t murder your children.
They have as much right to live as you do.

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