“My god!”, people..

“My god is better than your god!” – every religious bigot ever.

Protiguous, 2020
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Driving Around Town

While driving around I pay attention to the way the other drivers behave.

I notice who lets who in, and who cuts who off.

I notice who speeds up to (& sometimes through!) red lights or stop signs.

And you know what the common denominator is among all of these bad drivers? The trump flags, the trump stickers.

Go figure..

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Trumpian Thoughts

Trumps say many things out loud that I too have also thought. The thoughts that float into my awareness, are considered for a brief moment, and then discarded as illogical, irrational, inane, incorrect, crazy, senseless, absurd, sophistic, unreasonable, and unscientific..

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Opinions vs Facts

Opinions and beliefs are for things we don’t know facts about.

Bruce B., 2020
Choose the Right

Burning Your Conscience

Sure, put on the rose colored glasses.
Bury your head in the sand.
Ignore the world burning around you.
Ignore your conscience screaming at you.
Let me know how things turn out for you.


Refuting Science?

What refutes science:
Better science.

What doesn’t refute science:
Your feelings.
Your religion.
Your favorite politician.
Your half-baked opinion after watching two YouTube videos.

Protiguous Quote


I’ll take a person with principles and nothing else over someone with everything else any day.

Protiguous, 2020

Full-On Doc Brown Mode

My hair is about to go full Doc Brown..

Protiguous, 2020

I’m getting so old, that…

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Chaotic Universe

Anyone who doesn’t believe in chaos has never tried to keep track of everything in the Universe.

Protiguous, 2020
Protiguous Quote


You know what is odd?
The word, “even”..

Protiguous, 2020